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Pier 8 42" Standard
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Let's make this really simple.

A Mount Pier is a tube made of either Steel or Aluminium. Once filled with sand, it becomes a stable platform for practically any EQ or AZ mount up to 16" aperture without the scary stories you read online about resonance waves and all the other junk spouted about an over engineered lump of metal. We showed some of the stuff produced to some top engineers in the aerospace industry. They laughed hard when we told them what was on top.

Check out the working (and vibe free) home brew efforts constructed by enthusiasts using a top hat which probably started life as a 1978 Ford Cortina Disc Brake, and you have the classic battle of Engineering Logic vs Junk Science.

The stuff you read is for big mounts and 'scopes. 

So, you have an 8" pipe you could balance a car on before it buckles and we get all precious about a 16kg mount and a 14kg telescope. What about Resonance? If your mount vibrated that badly to generate it then 'good luck looking through it' is what one engineer said. He works on oil rigs...

So, our standard pier is made of 8" Alu pipe, powder-coated in either White or Black and is fine for any mount up to 16" aperture. 4 neatly welded perimeter fins and a 13" drilled flange complete the classic format, by a marine fabricator with decades of experience.

What you sink a Pier into is what matters. So with either straight or L-Bolts (Installation Instructions supplied) into a concrete base. The adjustable Top hat ensure a level 360º adjustable base, just in case your plumb lines are less than er, plummy.

Our Aluminium Pier 8 should do the job and save you some cash. If you're not convinced then our 8HD is the Heavy Duty steel version with many satisfied customers already, but still well shy of £500 including the Multi-Pier Adapter. 

For more information either call Dave Woods on 023 9257 0283 or via e-mail at dave@darkframe.co.uk

To see the materials used and the engineering quality of our Octagon Telescopes, then please make an appointment at our showroom as we will have our Fast Truss Newtonian range available for your perusal. 

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