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We test the stuff we sell unlike any other dealer you'll come across and we did it before we became one. We're Astronomers first so love to play with new gear, and want to find out what works and what doesn't.

You will find us on Facebook and Twitter, with news, tips and updates. It's not all sales stuff either as we're having a blast doing this! :D

iOptron Yahoo Users Group
AstroTrac Yahoo Users Group
Altair Astro Yahoo Users Group
Lunt Solar Yahoo Users Group
Coronado Yahoo Users Group

Links to the best of Hampshire's Astronomy:

Formed in 2008, it has become the largest Astronomy Group in the South of England with over 300 members, with observing sites across Hampshire. Their main site is at Butser Ancient Farm. As a BBC Stargazing Live/Things To Do Partner, they run large events that are free to attend. They run regular astro-beginners and astrophotography classes.

2020Astro Podcast
Mike Wilson and Dave Woods started this show in 2012, about 2 guys talking astronomy in a Pub over a Pint! News and reviews and their take on Practical Astronomy, all in 20 minutes! This podcast is now a top 20 iTunes Natural Sciences Podcast, that is downloaded in over 100 countries!

AstroSouth Directory
This free directory lists over 80 astronomy Groups and Societies Across the South. Somewhere you could also take your AstroTrac no doubt. (Shameless plug!)

Look Up! Magazine
This e-Zine is about to be relaunched but the old copies are here for free via ISSUU.

South Downs National Park
You'll find some of the best Mag20+ dark skies for imaging, a hour or so from London and HantsAstro are centred around the Butser area for good reason...  Great place to explore during the day too! :)

Featured Products

Introduction to Astronomy Classes - 2016/17
QHY5P-II Colour Camera
CloverFour EQ Silver
QHY5P-II-M Mono Camera
QHY5L-II Colour Camera /Guide Camera
StellarTune™ EQ5 Mount
Tune-up 60 StellarDrive™
StellarTune™ HEQ5 Mount
QHY5-III 174 Mono
AVX StellarTune™
EQ6/NEQ6 Mount Belt Hypertune
StellarDrive AVX-R
Hypertune EQ8 Mount
StellarDrive™ EQ6 Class
QHY5L-II Colour Camera /Guide Camera
Star Adventurer SuperCharged II
William Optics Star 71 II 4 Element APO Refractor
New StellarDrive™ Mounts
AstroTrac Adapter for PoleMaster
Service 60 - Sky-watcher
Astronomik CLS EOS / EOS XL Clip Filter
darkframe tuning
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