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iOptron iEQ45 2013


iOptron iEQ45 EQ 2013 Mount tuning is now here, to enhance your mount beyond stock performance and backed up with a two warranty on work done. Every iOptron tuned has received excellent feedback and support. It was the first mount we tuned back in 2014, that guided to 0.5 arcseconds without a precision...

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StellarDrive AVX-R


Unleash the performance of your Celestron AVX by upgrading to our bespoke StellarDrive AVX-R. Customer Feedback is sub-arcsecond imaging, and 15-20min subs with ease and capable of more! Call or email Dave for more details - 02392 570283 / dave@darkframe.co.uk Please either pay via the website or when...

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StellarDrive ZEQ25/CEM25 Tuning


iOptron ZEQ25 CEM 25 Tuning now available only with StellarDrive ultra-precision worm gears and new bearings. Much work has been done on this amazing mount after extensive testing, and customer trialling with a number of payloads. Exceeds the CEM25P with better than the 10 arcsec RMS stock performance....

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StellarDrive™ 5 Mount


HEQ5 StellarDrive 5 - from 449 (with Rowan Belt Kit already fitted) Current turnaround for DarkFrame StellarDrive Mounts is now typically 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of mount, subject to mount condition and specification (non standard mounts may take longer). Please order via the website or drop it off...

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StellarDrive™ EQ6 Class


DARKFRAME StellarDrive EQ 6 Series Mounts Available Now! (NEQ6/EQ6-R/AZEQ6GT) It's your Mount. But Better. StellarDrive 6 (inc fit new Rowan belt kit) 799.00 Stellardrive 6 (with belt kit already fitted) 699.00 StellarDrive6-GT 699.00 (please choose your option from the drop down menu below ) StellarDrive...

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StellarDrive™ EQ8


DARKFRAME StellarDrive EQ 8 Series Mounts Available Now! (Sky-Watcher Eq8) It's your Mount. But Better. StellarDrive is the ultimate iteration of a tuned EQ8 Class mount. It has all the technology of our celebrated StellarDrive 6, plus the inclusion of an aerospace grade precision RA worm-gear as well...

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New StellarDrive™ Mounts


The New StellarDrive Mounts Built to Order only - lead time 2-3 weeks. StellarDrive 6 - (NEQ6) 1899 StellarDrive R - (EQ6-R) 2099 StellarDrive GT - (AZEQ6GT) 2199 StellarDrive 8 - (EQ8) 3699 It's your Mount. But Better . ( Read Epic) StellarDrive is the ultimate iteration of a tuned mount. It has all...

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