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Export Service?

We can ship any of our DarkFrame modified/serviced Alt-Az and EQ mount products across Europe and worldwide to our customers. We unpack, check/test and repack all telescopes, mounts (plus update firmware if required) and accessories before dispatch - using fully insured carriers.

Because of our customers worldwide, our Export Service means that we check and fully test all items and even update firmware and set mounts to your time-zone prior to shipping. It's reassuring to know that it'll all work when it arrives to you, isn't it? We ship to main EU countries regularly, such as France, Spain and Germany as well as the United States. Also we have many customers in Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia. We also have customers in colder climates such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, so often will re-grease the mounts so they can be used to -30 Celsius without issue. For latitudes nearer or on the Equator, some modifications to the mount or pier extensions may be required depending on your setup.

We can provide a bespoke solution to meet your requirements. Please ask for details.

With higher value items it provides extra assurance that when you receive your astronomy equipment so it's first class in terms of performance out-of-the-box. We do not ship untested items as it may cause you the customer inconvenience - as well as wasting time and money all round.  

All Export Goods are either New OEM or refurbished as stated.

We also offer unparalleled communications, so you know the progress of your order and if there are any delays. We also track the shipments and provide you with a copy of consignment details too.

Support wise, we also offer access to our workshop via Skype: DarkFrameOptics, so in the unlikely event there need to be any adjustment to your mount we can walk you through the process, which is simple. PHD Guide Support is also offered with every mount to help you get the most out of it. We offer a two year worldwide return-to-base (RTB) warranty on all our tuned products. That's how confident we are of our quality of work. 

Just because you don't live in the UK, doesn't mean you can't expect the best service.

For more details, please call Dave Woods on +44 23 9257 0283 or email dave@darkframe.co.uk

European Shipping Charges

There is a 4 tier shipping charge to most EU countries starting from just €10

With a maximum charge of only €45

Please contact us for any shipment requests outside EU.

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