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Kurt Kimbrell (Gorilla Astro)
- 16/08/2018
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I had a stock Heq5 mount that is now an amazing stellardrive! I currently own 2 imaging telescopes, an explore scientific 80mm ed apo triplet and a GSO Rc6. When i began my journey into longer focal lengths I began to realize how I needed to learn to get this telescope running to my personal standards. Using a zwo asi1600mm and off axis guider with a asi290mm mini the stock mount would maybe.... maybe.. allow me to get 3 minute subs but the toss outs at the end of the night were frustrating to the point where I would need several nights to get the data I required for a "decent" quality image. I wasn't wanting to ditch the RC6 as I knew this OTA has potential but phd2 guiding with my mount and even recording PEC on eqmod would only make a small difference. I wanted to stick by my RC6 and promised it I will take beautiful pics with it other than the moon in RGB, and wanted atleast 5min guided exposures with little to no toss outs. I just couldn't wrap my finger around it. I kept wanting to blame myself. I knew about the heq5 backlash and trouble it has tracking at the meridian but I just never knew how much it was until I went for a longer focal length. At that time, I felt my only option was let the Rc6 sit on display for everyone to just look at including myself as I save a few thousand dollars for a premium mount that could handle it. I just didn't want it to be a decoration and I couldn't justify spending that much money. Then I delved into research as I always do. I considering doing a self hypertune however working full time and being a father to a 3 year old, I wasnt sure I would have the time or focus to do it right and maybe end up making it worse. I then looked online and researched more and came across Dark Frame Optics! I was intrigued yet skeptical as I always am, but I spoke with David Woods who has a plethora of knowledge on this matter amongst many other things. If you get him talking, he will for sure talk and let you know anything you want to know. He was genuinely excited about working on my mount which made me feel like I had someone with a lot of care and passion for the work and not just someone who wanted the money like some people I talked to before dark frame. I explained to him my long focal length blues and he reassured me that i'll get better images and rounder stars and that my 80mm will be able to take 10 minute exposures UNGUIDED!! yeah, i didn't believe that.... I mean who believes that? you cant do that unless you have a premium mount! everyone knows that!..... yeah i was wrong to think so. I'll have to say I got my mount back and it was painted up to look new and even replaced the stock (backlash backlash) heq5 plate with a custom "Stellardrive" plate. Yeah I really felt special to see that. Anyways I will have to tell you I am a firm believer and proof that this mount is just amazing! So far with my RC6 on an asi1600 as the imaging camera I can get guided exposures of 10 minutes!!! seriously! My jaw dropped, but my frames didn't. In fact the only toss outs I had were due to seeing conditions, haze, sunlight, the occaisional buggy picture that comes from the 1600 v2 and if the mount got bumped. I could not believe it! If you don't believe my story look up on instagram and astrobin "gorilla astro" or my full name and Look for my M16 eagle nebula in SHO! This company really helped me make a satisfactory FIRST true SHO narrowband image! I am currently at this moment taking 10min Oiii subs of pickerings triangle with the RC6 and it I cannot wait to show the world. I am mega satisfied and have no more blues! I now enjoy the nights now where I don't have to spend it at the laptop obsessively watching Phd2, my frames one by one and making unneccesary adjustments. Now I just do my starting routine, let it image, make a cup of dark coffee and join in socializing with the rest of my astro friends! If you are skeptical still! just get in contact! They dont bite and their customer service is them, not a robot or a wookie. They are happy to talk! For now! I wish you all clear skies!
QHY5-II Mono Planetary ..
StarGPS Skywatcher SynS..
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