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Service 60 - Sky-watcher
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Give your EQ Mount some TLC with Our Service 60 program. It is a brand new Sky-Watcher interim service based on our highly acclaimed and proven Bonneville Build Type v6.3.x. This is supported with a 1 year RTB warranty.

If you already have a tuned mount from us in the past three years or more, then this will refresh your mount and bring it up to the latest build spec we use in our mount tuning. We estimate depending on use, your mount will not need servicing for 3-5 years, based on our tests and data.

It is also ideal for the following:

New Sky-watcher (or less than than a year old) EQ mounts to improve the responsiveness and balance properties of your mount. Our lubricant packages are specific to each model of mount. However, a full hypertune is still highly recommended first, as this fully optimises the mount, and extracts the most performance.

Rowan Belt kits installs (home tuned), to help optimise the mount for better performance over TF2/Lithium/Bicycle grease to offer better internal protection and longevity. However, a full hypertune is still highly recommended first, as this fully optimises the mount, and extracts the most performance.

Older serviceable mounts, that would benefit from a refresh, but not a full calibrated tune. (subject to model, age and condition), or any secondhand mount, to be sold, or bought to help resale.

This is only available for:



What's Included in Service 60:

Full assessment of your mount. You will be notified if there is any repairs or parts required before we proceed.


Complete inspection of the mount head unit.
Complete dismantling of the mount head unit.
Inspection and cleaning of each part, then degreased,  the 6 axis bearings are also ultrasonically cleaned and dried, then regreased.

4x new worm-gear bearings installed (Hybrid-Ceramic available.)

Reassembly to Bonneville Build type 6.3.x to your mount model, using our model specific lubricant package, which should last up to five years in normal use.

Resetting of worm gear/crown engagement. 
Adjustment of backlash settings in RA and DEC to factory model tolerances, using precise engineering practices and equipment.
Firmware update of Handset/Motor Firmware (as required).
Check sheet of work done and warranty card with serial number.

The Service 60 does include 4 new worm-gear bearings and full 6 piece axis bearing regrease, as part of a comprehensive overhaul of your mount. Why cut corners?  We cannot tell the condition of the axis bearings until the mount has been disassembled, but if you have deadspots in RA when balancing, then your bearing grease is tired, especially after five years. So we change them.

What's not included:

This is a Service not a Hypertune. The mount is not specifically calibrated, tested or run in to optimise the mount beyond factory parameters. It is designed to restore or maintain the mounts performance. However, this is a major improvement will be noticeable in terms of lubrication benefits when compared to a stock mount. No reports, graphs or data are supplied after a service is performed. No performance comparison should be made compared a tuned mount. This Service 60 does not cover our StellarDrive™5, 6, 6R or 6GT model, as they need different maintenance program.

For your first major service, we do recommend a Gen 0 tune for your HEQ5/NEQ6 mount, which include treated Hybrid-Ceramic worm-gear bearings, our StellarDrive™RX axis bearing set and full mount optimisation, plus a longer 2 year warranty!

The one year Return to base warranty covers work done and any new parts fitted. It does not cover existing items such as handset, motherboards, cables. It does not cover wear and tear on the mount. The warranty is non-transferable.

Three-way Courier service

You can save time and hassle too, by using our insured three way collection and return service anywhere in the UK for just £29. We send you out a box with packaging, send you a label for collection at a convenient time, and return the mount when completed.



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