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QHY21 Mono Camera
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QHY20 Series

The QHY21, QHY22 and QHY23 cameras feature Sony's latest high sensitivity ExviewII CCD sensors: ICX674, ICX694 and ICX814.

These sensors have very high QE (close to 80%) and very low thermal noise. With dual stage TEC cooling technology these cameras can achieve temperatures 45C below ambient.

By comparison with the competition, the 10 to 15C of extra cooling helps ensure great results, even on hot summer nights!

The readout noise of QHY21, 22, 23 is typically 5 electrons. Readout noise is very important when capturing faint deep sky objects, especially when using narrowband filters.

Lower readout noise means you can still get good images even when stacking fewer frames.

                                       QHY21                QHY22                  QHY23

CCD Sensor                      ICX674                CX694                   ICX814
Pixel Size                         4.54 x 4.54um      4.54 x 4.54um       3.69 x 3.69um
Total Pixel Array Size         2020 x 1476        2838 x 2224          3468 x 2728
Effective Pixel Array Size   1940 x 1460         2758 x 2208          3388 x 2712
Effective Pixels                 2.8 mega pixel      6.1 mega pixel       9.2 mega pixel
Chip Size                        10.7 x 9.2mm        14.6 x 12.8mm      14.6 x 12.8mm
Effective Area                  8.8 x 6.6mm         12.5 x 10mm         12.5 x 10mm
Format                            2/3 inch                1 inch                   1 inch

CCD readout Type: Progressive Scan
Full Well: 15Ke- to 20Ke-, ABG:-105DB
Peak QE: 79% @ 550nm >60% @ Ha, 70% @ 450nm
Download Speed: 1.25Mpixel/s, Preview 4*4 Binning: 4.4Mpixels
Readout noise: 5e- (Typically @ 1.25Mpixel/s)
Binning Support: 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
System Gain: 0.25 to 0.3 e-/ADU
Microlensing on chip
16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
4 Pin Filter Wheel Communication port
2-Stage TEC cooling: -45C from ambient
DC201 DC adapter & TEC Controller, Set Point Cooling
Weight: 470g (not inluding C - mount)
Size: D=77mm Length=83mm
Desiccant Tube System (can be regenerated by user)
Heated Optical Window
Global Electronic shutter: Yes
Power consumption: 3.5W (No Cooling) 12.8W (50% Cooling) 25.8W (100% Cooling)

Supplied with Drivers, Software and Instructions in protective case.


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