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QHY10 One Shot Colour CCD Camera - New Version
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The QHY10 is a compact and light weight one shot colour APS size CCD camera.

With Super HAD technology, a peltier cooling system and active cooling fan the dark noise is extremely low. It's 6.05um*6.05um pixel size is ideal for high resolution and high sensitivity deep sky imaging.

A 400g weight and 63mm diameter make QHY10 eminently suitable for Hyper Star Imaging. The QHY10 is based on QHYCCDs high speed and low readout noise CCD technology.

New Features:

An improved CCD chamber with connection provided for a desiccant tube system . A removable Silica gel tube can be connected to the CCD chamber to absorb moisture. For Hyperstar imaging the tube can be temporarily removed and replaced later for storage.

Fully airproof CCD chamber.

A CCD center and tilt adjustment ring (Patent protected), allows easy CCD center and tilt adjustment by the user.

An improved, thicker, optical window to prevent moisture forming on it.

Tech Specs:

CCD sensor ICX493AQA
CCD size 1.8inch (APS size)
Total pixel 3964*2712
Effective pixel 3900*2616
Pixel size 6.05um*6.05um
CCD readout Type 2 field (1*1 binning)
Progressive Scan (2*2, 4*4 binning)
Full Well Approx 45Ke-
Peak QE 60% for Green and 50% for Red and Blue wavelengths.
Anti Blooming Gate Yes,-100dB
Image Download Speed - 18 secs (1*1 binning) 9 secs (2*2 binning) 4secs (4*4 binning)
Preview speed 4 secs (1*1 binning) 2 secs (2*2 binning) 1 sec (4*4 binning)
Supports 1*1, 2*2 and 4*4 Binning
Readout speed 600kpixel/s, 3Mpixel/s
Readout Noise Typically 8-10e-
System Gain 0.7e-/ADU
Dynamic Range 74dB
ADC 16bit
Cooling: Single stage TEC and fan
Maximum Delta T 40 - 43 degrees C below ambient
Set point cooling: Yes
Power consumption (INPUT=12V) Minimum (TEC OFF) 3.6 Watts, TEC=50% 13 Watts, Maximum (TEC=100%) 30 Watts
Input voltage DC12V to DC201 power adapter
Safe Range (11V-13.5V)
Telescope Interface M42/0.75 screw & 2inch T ring
Maximum Center adjustment + or - 0.5mm
Maximum Tilt adjustment -1 Degree
CCD sensor to front surface: 20mm (without adjustment ring), 23mm (with adjustment ring)
Weight: (Camera body only, without DC201 and cables) 390g (without adjustment ring), 425g (with adjustment ring)
Camera size: Diameter - 63mm, Length - 120mm
Opto isolated guide port


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