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Moonraker Galaxy Class. 90mm f8.9 Doublet
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Galaxy Class Refractor 90mm f8.9 750mm fl 

Japanese Glass in Polished Aluminium or 23.4 Carat Gold Plated (£3598.00).

Price includes vat & free UK delivery.

Dave Says: "This is a great telescope to own. It looks beautiful and for solar observing with a 2" Lunt Herschel Wedge, you can turn this instrument into a dual purpose scope.The highly polished surface of the aluminium tube reflects the Sun's rays and dissipates the heat so well that it remains very cool, just a few degrees above ambient on a very hot day.

At night, the tube is ready quickly for an amazing nights observing. The new 2" focuser really makes this a tactile experience. Love to try this with some mono-imaging to see what it can really do...Using a 2" dielectric diagonal, a 2x Barlow and a Wave 14.5mm eyepiece, it offers some of the best views of the planets and the Moon. You'll forget that this is 'just' an achromat. The Vixen lens cell has only a small amount of colour aberration, and that was only on a near-full Moon.

This one is Number 5... so only 75 left. Lovely to look at, lovely to use. It was a big hit at my BBQ! The 90mm is one of those 'scopes that is a genuine keeper and has a retro sc-fi style that makes it a real talking point. It's like Marmite. Mark at Moonraker is just as busy at 'rebodying' new customer telescopes, as he's building them from scratch. "

Galaxy Class Refractor.

The lens is a sealed MgF2 coated achromatic lens of the highest quality.
Lens cell collimateable.
Fully baffled and flocking front and rear.
Rotatable 2" Moonraker focuser with turned tube plug.
30mm x 6 finder scope.
Tubes from 6082T6 grade aluminium, hand polished.
Long flocked dew shield reduces the chance of the front element fogging.
Hand turned dew shield cap and focuser tube plug.
Fast cool down time for night viewing.
Cool OTA for Solar viewing.
Star tested and collimated.
Each one numbered according to class. I.D plate to underside of OTA
2 year warranty. See terms & conditions.

A great grab and go scope with style. Weight 5.4 kilos. Length 600+ mm, 900+mm with dew shield.

Price includes free UK delivery. Please call for delivery information before ordering as these are hand made for each customer.

CAUTION. Always use correct filters on the finder (or remove the finder scope) and OTA for Solar viewing or blindness may result.

Fully loaded. Including:

Finderscope and storks, hand turned dew cap and focuser plug.
Bespoke tube rings, hand made vixen bar, carry handle and Aero rings.

Customised versions are available (including 23.4 Carat Gold plated at just £ please call Dave on 023 9257 0283 or email for more information.

Mark from Moonraker says "Views through all are stunning, crisp with high contrast and minimal chromatic aberration. The lenses for these scopes have been secured from 1980's stock, Japanese manufacture and are brand new. I've been using this scope for imaging with a filter wheel and will post images soon. Whilst I did not design this scope with imaging in mind, the quality of the lens and moderate f stop with reducer and flattener encourages me to test it out.

Views of the moon are breath taking, Jupiter and Saturn are a wondrous sight to behold and views of deep space phenomena such as M42 and Pleiades are glorious. The 90mm lens really impressed at SGL8 where fellow astronomers commented on it's pin sharp images.

This telescope is also excellent for viewing the sun with an appropriate solar filter.

*****CAUTION. Always use correct filters on the finder {or remove the finder scope} and OTA for Solar viewing or blindness may result.



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