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EQ6 Rail Kit
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The BoDai-Global EQ6 Rail  (Free UK/Worldwide shipping - use currency tab for local pricing)

This is the revolutionary solution to an age old problem with EQ6's - Bent Latitude bolts – built on years of customer feedback, with a much simpler, more direct and precise method of adjustment. Because of its efficient and simple design, the EQ6 Rail is also easily fitted and very cost effective.

We have been fittting them on our acclaimed StellarDrive 6, and to other EQ6's since March 2017 without any inssues, and have refined the design further which now creates this kit for anyone to fit.

It will also fit the Orion USA Atlas EQ mount too. A HEQ5 version is also in development.

It also comes with a choice of colours and design of capsjust choose from the drop-down menu. Custom diamond engraving is also available, as well installation.

Introductory price £129.00... Includes UK/Worldwide shipping! 


Q) How does it work?

A) Instead of the tip of the bolt hitting the metal tang inside the mount base at an increasingly acute angle with rising latitude (and bending risk at over 45º latitude), there's a large curved surface on the slider, to always maintain the optimal contact angle with the casting. The other front bolt just locks the adjustment, as normal. Works amazingly well with a Polemaster for perfect drift alignment!

The result is a direct transfer of the adjusting force across the face of the tab, instead of at a single point, and the adjusting bolt is supported at two places, so doesn't need to deal with any downward bending forces, which cause the bolt to be push under the tang. 

Since the load is no longer on the point of the bolt, so not only is the load spread across the front surface of the round slider block, there is no damage to the casting or bolts when under load. This helps provide a very smooth operation, both loaded or unloaded.

Backlash is minimal as all points of contact are loaded and forces are now in one plane. The two alloy caps complete look, and can be taken off again without damage to the mount.

Range of operation is approximately 17º – 68º degrees in N/S Latitude. 

The EQ6 Rail Kit will NOT work with existing bent bolts!


The EQ6 Rail Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Rail Wedge Base+ v2.0 Slider Block - Pre assembled and greased
  • 2 x Alloy engraved caps (one indexed for left side - select colour and format from dropdown)
  • 8 x Adhesive Strips (3M Automotive Tape)
  • 1 x Grease and applicator

Instructions to fit the EQ6 Rail will be sent with your purchase.

You will need

  • 1 x 15-16-17mm Spanners
  • M2.5 Hex Allen Key
  • 0 pt Pozi/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flat bladed screwdriver or similar
  • Flat working surface as its easier to remove the base when the mount isn't on the tripod
  • (optional) Heat gun or hairdryer for easier removal of existing plastic caps




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