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Introduction to Astronomy Classes - 2016/17
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HantsAstro Introduction to Astronomy Class

Introduction to Astronomy - (2 hours)

In one afternoon we can show you how to set up your own telescope and what it's capable of doing. If you don't have one yet that's fine! You'll come away with an idea of which 'scope is fine for you and it will save you money by helping you decide on the best telescope/mount set up for your astronomy.

It's very hands-on too, so we cover refractors, reflectors, compound and dobsonians and we explain the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each. You'll get to see all the accessories including webcam, CCD and DSLR.

We cover Solar and Lunar observing. We demonstrate Polar Alignment and OTA balancing. It's an ideal prelude to our Astro-imaging (astrophotography) class which has far more detail.

We can show you how to maintain and upgrade your new gear as well as some easy-to-spot targets in the night sky.

You will also be given a resource CD of free software to help kick-start your new hobby.

Location: Petersfield Community Centre, Love Lane, Petersfield, Hampshire

Dates: Sunday afternoon 2pm - 4pm

November 20th 2016
December 18th 2016

Jan to May 2017 - dates to be confirmed soon

Cost per person :

 For further information and to book a course please contact Sharon at: membership@hantsastro.org



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Philip Renfrey
- 18/12/2014
5 product stars

Just a short review to say how brilliant this course is. Really useful hints and tips and invaluable advice on my first prospective purchase. The "sermon of the mount" followed on by hands on viewing has really increased my interest. Can't wait to receive the CD and look further. All this and Dave's passion and inimitable style made for a great evening despite the fog, ice and road closures on the way home.
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