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Astronomik CLS CCD 1.25" & 2" Filters IR Blocked
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Astronomik CLS CCD 1.25" & 2" Filters IR Blocked

All the benefits of the standard CLS filter but with IR blocking built in.

The Astronomik CLS CCD is suitable under light-polluted skies for DSLR Cameras, which have been remodeled for astronomical use. The filter enhances the contrast between all deep-sky objects and the background.

The CLS-CCD Filter enhances the contrast between astronomical objects and the background. Due to the wider transmission curve compared to UHC filters, a greater amount of light will pass the filter. Stars will be less dimmed.

This filter has been optimized to block as much spurious light as possible and simultaneously provide the best performance for 'useful' light.

A good filter for DSLR-, CCD- and film b/w-photography as well as observation of deep-sky-objects with telescopes or photo lenses of all aperture f/3 and above.

This broadband light pollution filter works on all objects and can be used visually and for imaging with CCD and plain glass (full spectrum) modded DSLR cameras. Blocks Sodium, Mercury and air-glow emission.

Can also be used as an effective minus violet filter by refractor owners.

Main use

The filter blocks completely emission lines of artificial light sources like streetlights (e.g. sodium- and mercury-vapor) as well as the airglow. All 'important' emission lines as well as the spectral range of the night-adapted eye are beeing passed.

The supplementary IR-blocking layer allows the use for DSLR- and Webcams without an integrated IR-block filter.

Other uses

Easier resolution of Double Stars.

With the EOS-Clip model, photography with DSLR cameras is feasible even unter extreme light-polluting conditions without shifting the white balance.

The 1.25" and 2" socket models can be used for observations from light-polluted areas.

If you plan to create colour images from emission line data, our CLS-CCD filter is a great choice for the Luminance channel


CLS Filter: For cameras with an integrated IR-filter or for visual observation.



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