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Pinion Gear Extractor for HEQ5Pro Belt Kit


HEQ5Pro Pinion Gear Extractor Tool Pinion Gear Extractor tool for use with the HEQ5Pro Belt Modification Kit Highly recommended as the pinion gears are very hard to get and risks damaging the Stepper motor drive shaft!

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Bearing Removal Tool for EQ6, NEQ6, NEQ6Pro Belt Modificat..


EQ6, NEQ6 & NEQ6Pro - Bearing Ring Retainer Removal Tool Extractor tool for use with the EQ6, NEQ6 and NEQ6Pro Belt modification kit Essential for safely removing (and not scoring) the end caps, and for adjustment/removal of the worm-gear bearing rings.

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HEQ5 Pro Belt Modification Kit


Dave Says: "This HEQ5 kit is quite easy to fit without fully dismantling the mount, and offers a noticeable improvement in slewing and tracking. We use it for the basis of our excellent StellarDrive 5, perhaps the sweetest tracking mount we do. The pinion extractor is a must, otherwise it will be an...

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EQ6, NEQ6, NEQ6Pro Belt Modification Kit


Dave Says: "This kit is the basis for our tuned EQ6's as well as our highly regarded StellarDrive 6". If you are mechanically minded then this kit is easier to fit with the right tools, and you are looking at a minimum four hour build. There are lots of support for these kits on YouTube as well as an...

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EQ6 Rail Kit


The BoDai-Global EQ6 Rail is the revolutionary solution to an age old problem with EQ6's - Bent Latitude bolts built on years of customer feedback, with a much simpler, more direct and precise method of adjustment. Because of its efficient and simple design, the EQ6 Rail is also easily fitted and very...

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Geo-Position Pack Bundle for EQ Mounts


GEO-POSITION PACK BUNDLE Polemaster and StarGPS module fitted and tested FOC when having your Mount Hypertuned by Darkframe Ltd.

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Geo-Position Guide Pack for EQ Mounts


FOR EQ MOUNTS Our GEO-POSITION GUIDE PACK includes a QHY5-L II Mono/Guide Camera, WO 50mm FinderScope, Polemaster and StarGPS. The Polemaster & StarGPS module will be fitted and tested FOC when having your Mount Hypertuned by Darkframe Ltd. So why have all these extras, do I really need them? As proven...

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