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Moonraker tube rings - 2.5, 3, 3.5 or 4 inch


Bespoke Moonraker Tube Rings. These tube rings are functional, robust and beautiful. They are at present available in polished aluminium or black anodized. Each one is felt lined for a perfect snug fit. Thread size for fixing to a mounting bar is a single 6mm. We can customise if requested. These tube...

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Moonraker Crayford focuser 2 inch & 1.25 inch


Moonraker Crayford focuser These focusers are available in 2inch and 1.25 inch sizes and all 2 inch focusers come with a 2inch to 1.25 inch adapter. They are available in polished 6061 aluminium or anodised black. Adapters are manufactured to fit all tube diameters see notes below All focusers are rotatable...

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Moonraker 60mm Terminator Class f16.7 1000mm fl


Terminator Class 60mm Telescope f16.7 - in either Polished version, Brass or 23.4 Carat Gold plated Stock Note: Please contact us first before ordering for delivery date as these telescopes are hand made to order. Prices include vat & free UK delivery - From 1,632.00 Dave Says: " All Moonraker Telescopes...

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Moonraker Terminator 76mm f16.5


The new f16.5 76mm Terminator in Black, polished or any colour you like! Please call for delivery info. before ordering as these are hand built to order in the UK. Price includes vat & free UK delivery. "The Artistry behind the Utility" These telescopes are not style over substance, they are beautifully...

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Moonraker Galaxy Class. 90mm f8.9 Doublet


Galaxy Class Refractor 90mm f8.9 750mm fl Japanese Glass in Polished Aluminium or 23.4 Carat Gold Plated ( 3598.00). Price includes vat & free UK delivery. Dave Says: "This is a great telescope to own. It looks beautiful and for solar observing with a 2" Lunt Herschel Wedge, you can turn this instrument...

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Moonraker Nebula Class 80mm f15


Nebula Class 80mm f15 Dave Says: "The 80mm is ideal for solar observing due to its long focal length. If it's ordered in its native polished finish it will be perfect for day and night astronomy, as the polished finish reflects the Sun's rays so well. Its cool to the touch on the hottest of days. The...

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Moonraker Nebula Class f12 104mm


The new f12 104mm Nebula Refractor in Black or Polished or any colour you like! Please call for delivery info - prices includes vat and free UK delivery. The lens is a multi coated achromatic doublet Moonraker lens. Lens cell collimateable. Fully baffled and black etched inner tube with flocking to the...

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Moonraker 100mm Nebula Class f13


Nebula Class 100mm f13 Stock Note: This is a special order item - please contact us first for delivery date before ordering. P rice includes vat & UK delivery. "This is the perfect gift for the Astronomer who thought he had everything... The lens is a MgF2 coated achromatic Carton lens of the highest...

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