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EQ Mount Performance Charts

How does your EQ Mount stack up against the rest? The best place to find out.

EQ Mount Tuning 101

EQ Mount Tuning - It's not all Snake Oil y'know. When I started looking into tuning mounts a few years ago I was wondering why people did it. Like overclocking computers or tuning a car, just how far can you go before it becomes to much and you end up with something that's unreliable and won't work? I knew there was more accuracy in these mounts but just how much?

It all starts here

Elemental imaging? What you need to get started and progress in revealing the wonders of the universe, your way.

Featured Products

AstroTrac Adapter for PoleMaster
Introduction to Astronomy Classes - 2016/17
William Optics Star 71 II 4 Element APO Refractor
Star Adventurer SuperCharged II
StellarDrive™ EQ6 Class
QHY5L-II Colour Camera /Guide Camera
QHY5P-II Colour Camera
StellarTune™ HEQ5 Mount
New StellarDrive™ Mounts
AVX StellarTune™
EQ6/NEQ6 Mount Belt Hypertune
Hypertune EQ8 Mount
StellarTune™ EQ5 Mount
QHY5L-II Colour Camera /Guide Camera
StellarDrive AVX-R
QHY5P-II-M Mono Camera
Service 60 - Sky-watcher
Tune-up 60 StellarDrive™
CloverFour EQ Silver
QHY5-III 174 Mono
Astronomik CLS EOS / EOS XL Clip Filter
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