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William Optics 2018 ZenithStar 61 ED APO Doublet Refractor
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2018 ZenithStar 61 ED APO Doublet Refractor
New Updated WO 61 APO 2018 Model featuring Patented Bahtinov Mask Cap

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Dave Says: "I've had my own WO Megrez 72FD for 7 years and its still my most used APO, and this is its successor. With the same bomb-proof build quality and now brought up to date with a precision rack and pinion focuser making it ideal for portable astro-photography."

"The Z61 is the perfect partner to Sky-watcher's Star Adventurer when used with a BoDai-Global CloverThree Counterweight for longer exposures up to 10 minutes with practice. It's perfect as your second 'scope or even as your main refractor and is great to use terrestrially!"

Please call Dave now on 023 9257 0283 for more info.

The air-spaced doublet lens combining fully multi-coated optics and an Ohara FPL-53 ED glass element give the New William Optics Zenithstar 61 APO sharp, high contrast images which are virtually free of false-colour.

Ideal for convenient wide field astrophotography or piggybacking with it's fast f/5.9 focal rato and compact size.

Plus when used for astrophotography or wildlife photography the New Zenithstar 61 APO is an extremely  convenient ultra-portable telescope for visual astronomy and provides high resolution images.

Easy framing of target with convenient rotatable L mounting bracket.

CNC machined aluminium gives a superior fit and finish.

Dual speed 2" 1:10 R&P focuser.

Available in Blue anodised.

Ohara FPL-53 vs FPL-51 ED Glass

The dispersion properties of ED and SD glass elements are important in determining the overall colour correction. The abbe index is used to quantify the 'partial dispersion' of a particular glass. Pure Fluorite offers the highest partial dispersion at around 94.99 V, Ohara FPL-53 glass is very close to Fluorite at 94.93 V and is often referred to as Synthetic Fluorite. FPL-53 is also noticeably better than Ohara's lower spec' FPL-51 glass which offers an abbe index of 81.54 V.

Designed for multiple purposes, this special scope will delight you from the first minute of use. 

Optional Accessories: 
CloverThree Adventurer Red - Tuneable, travel counterweight 
Polarite (right angle finder),
(see related products below) both are perfect for astrophotography use.

Please call Dave now on 023 9257 0283 for more info.

ZenithStar 61 APO Specifications:

Aperture                  71mm

Focal Ratio               F/5.9

Focal Length            418 mm

Objective Type         ED Doublet, Air Spaced

                              Fully Multi-Coated, SMC coating.

Resolving Power       1.58"

Limiting Magnitude   11

Lens Shade              Retractable

Focuser                    50.8mm(2") Rack & Pinion Focuser 
                               with 1:10 Dual Speed microfocuser 
                               80 mm (3.2")Focuser Travel Length
                               360° Rotatable Design

1.25" Adapter           Brass Compression Rings from 2" (optional 2" push fit DSLR adapter)

L-type Mount            Integrated L Bracket (fits SmartEQ mount)

Field Stops               Baffles

Tube Diameter          93 mm (3.66")

Tube Length              310 mm Fully Retracted, 355 mm Fully Extended

Draw Tube                Travel 80mm with graduation scale

Tube Weight              6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

It's like the Swiss Army Knife of small telescopes

There are lots of options for the ZS71 making it a great choice as your first all-round telescope. Fully baffled, for very low Chromatic Aberration (works fine on a Full Moon), and for a sharpness you don't get on cheaper refractors. You can use it for guiding, light enough for piggybacking and for use with lighter EQ and Alt-Az mounts for astro-imaging with DSLR or CCD.

Use it as a manual telephoto lens for great wildlife shots (we've tested it), and for visual birding and nautical use with their bright right-erecting prism. 

The Red Dot finder is a must-have add-on whatever you do.

Add the 0.8x Flattener 6 for half the exposure time with a fast f4.72 for amazingly detailed shots of M31 Andromeda and other deep sky objects with a truly flat field. For planetary work, you could use this with a QHY5-II 5P Colour camera and a Barlow for great images of the Moon and planets.

Visual astronomers are not forgotten either, with William Optics high quality range of SWA, UWA and XWA eyepieces, especially the 110º 5mm XWA eyepiece allied to either of their Carbon Fibre clad Dura Bright 99% Diagonals. 

Specification for Apochromatic Lenses

All WO refractors objective are double tested and inspected before shipping, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism.

Since all individual lens surfaces are machine coated sometimes it could have visual imperfections which do not affect the objective optical performance.

All William Optics Refractors carry a 2 year Warranty.




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