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8x AA Battery Holder


AA batteries can be obtained nearly anywhere in the world. This 8 x AA battery pack comes with adaptor to power your AstroTrac - don't leave home without it! Oh, and don't use rechargeable 1.2v NIMH Batteries, as the AstroTrac requires 12V!

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AstroTrac PoleMaster


HIGH PRECISION ELECTRIC POLAR SCOPE In stock This version is for AstroTrac TT320X-AG -Genuine QHYCCD product User tip: Just use as you would the original Polarscope by rotating in arm for alignment, but the Polemaster is proving to be far more accurate. Any seasoned astroimager would agree, achieving...

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Starter Special - AstroTrac+Polarscope+Battery Holder


Dave Says: "The AstroTrac kicked off the whole portable astro-imaging scene in 2007, and it is still King of the Hill, in terms of looks, performance and ownership. It performs as it looks, and while other brands have their own offering, the AstroTrac is the only tracker, that can produce 4 min unguided...

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